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Sober Living

Now that you are sober what do you do?

First, start going to as many meetings as you can.  Meet new people and make new friends.  Stay away from your using friends.  You need to surround yourself with sober people.  One way to do this is to look into sober housing; you may not have anywhere you can go after treatment.  Sober housing is just what it sounds like, living with people who are all living sober.  You can still work or go to school. You may need to pitch in to clean, cook and shop.

What About a Halfway House?

A halfway house is similar but you may have a few more rules.  Sober living provides a little more support when you are just starting out.  You may not have a driver’s license, a job, or a place to live because of the life you led.  The three to six months you spend with recovering people can give you a jump-start.  With that time maybe you can find a job on the bus line.  You have time to figure out this stuff and find a place to live.  Make a new life for yourself. Some people may not have any choice if they are in legal trouble.  Going to a halfway house is part of their adjudication. You may be in the legal system and a halfway house is better that jail.  Most assuredly, you will be giving urine screens to the county that you committed a crime in.

Sober living includes your body, mind and spirit.

If your body is healthy after what you put it through keep it healthy, if not get the medical attention you need.  Your mind has to change its addictive nature.  It includes learning how to do things sober and enjoying them.  Your spirit is your relationship with your higher power.

Remember your powerlessness.  “I can’t, he can, I think I’ll let him”

Have and show gratitude for every sober day you have.  Reach out to others who are struggling maybe you can start 12th stepping in some small way.  You do not have to live in fear anymore.  You are sober and have surrounded yourself with sober living friends.

If you cannot go into a living sober unit you can make your home a living sober place.

Your spouse has probably gotten rid of all the alcohol or drugs he or she could find.  Your children are a little scared of you and your spouse a little estranged.  Recommend that they go to Al-Anon, there are special groups for children.  Say your amends to them all and begin new relationships.   You have a new life to start living.