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Narconon Drug Treatment

What is Narconon?

Narconon is an internationally based addiction treatment and recovery organization that targets substance dependency and recovering from it. It is primarily used in the US and Western Europe although it operates several dozen facilities globally. Each one of these Narconon drug treatment centers is independently operated and owned as well as being a licensee of ABLE International which is a Scientology-based entity. Because of this relationship to the Church of Scientology, the drug rehab methods employed have been the subject of controversy over the past couple of decades.

The Narconon drug treatment method

The Narconon drug treatment method is referred to as the “New Life Program” and is comprised of two primary stages, namely detox and rehab. The detoxification stage involves a daily regimen of multiple minerals, oils, and vitamins with a special emphasis placed on calcium, high doses of niacin, and magnesium. In addition to this regimen exercise sessions and lengthy sauna treatments are utilized. The remainder of the program involves training routines that were developed by L. Ron Hubbard in order to improve the communication skills of fellow Scientologists.

Recently, Narconon drug treatment programs were offered free of charge to some of California’s public schools. While the Narconon program’s effectiveness has been a subject of controversy, numerous celebrities have proclaimed that these programs were helpful to improving their lives. Nicky Hopkins the musician and Kirstie Alley the actress both gave the Narconon program all the credit for enabling them to overcome their addictions and remain substance-free.

Regardless of the schools of thought about Narconon drug treatment programs, the different courses that were developed for the program is comprised of aftercare support groups and recovery tools during the recovery process. Clients spend 4 months on average in the Narconon program at an average cost of between $10,000 and $30,000. So as you can see, this addiction treatment and recovery program comes with a significant price tag attached to it.

Finding a Narconon program

One of the advantages to entering a Narconon drug treatment program is that they are readily available throughout the US. So it is a matter of selecting one that is located close to you. Keep in mind that because these facilities are independently owned and operated, there may be some differences between them. One program may address your personal needs while another one may not. And this is where the challenge and frustration comes into play for the addicted individual who is reaching out for help.