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Hydrocodone Drug Treatment

Hydrocodone Drug TreatmentMillions of people each year are prescribed Hydrocodone for pain relief each year. This narcotic opiate is also the source of an addiction that affects many of those people. It may be prescribed by your dentist for tooth pain or surgery, or by your primary care physician for back or neck pain, or even a broken bone. A Hydrocodone addiction is more common than one may think, and is alternately referred to as Vicodin. It is also combined with other drugs such as acetaminophen which can enhance its effects.

One who may be suffering from a Hydrocodone addiction may exhibit strange behavior, such as unexplainable rapid mood swings. They may be happy one minute and extremely angry or depressed the next. They may change their mind often, and even be unable to make a definitive decision on a particular subject. They may also become easily confused or experience other side effects such as lightheadedness or dizziness. They may not even realize that they have become addicted, while others will make attempts to get additional prescriptions in order to continue using the drug. If you suspect that someone you love may be experiencing a Hydrocodone addiction, help is available.

There are detoxification Hydrocodone drug treatment programs that can aid in the removal of the drugs from a person’s body and be able to help ease some of the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can be experienced with normal directed use of the drug. These symptoms will likely be more intense for someone who has been routinely using higher doses and for an extended period of time. Some of the more common withdrawal symptoms are very similar to what one would experience with the common cold or flu, only on a greater level. One may experience runny nose, watery eyes, aches and pains, nausea, vomiting, chills, sweating , as well as periods of intense cravings for the drug.

These symptoms can be pure agony for someone who is going through it, and relapse is common. But there are steps you can take to help ensure your sobriety from the drug. In conjunction with a detoxification Hydrocodone drug treatment treatment program, a rehabilitation treatment program can also be beneficial. The effects of Hydrocodone are not just physical, but are psychological as well. Routine therapy can help assist you during your recovery process.

Hydrocodone drug treatment programs can offer you a sober living environment for you, as well as others going through recovery for an addiction. They can offer you a structured environment that can help you stay focused on your recovery from a Hydrocodone addiction. You will also have the added peer support at your disposal. It helps having someone available to talk to regarding some of the problems or difficulties you may be facing. It may take some time for some to adjust to daily living and their newly found sobriety. A sober living home can offer them a hand up during these rough times and help them in making this adjustment in their daily living.