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The differences between alternative drug treatment centers and traditional ones

Whenever you are discussing drug addiction rehab facilities today, there are normally two categories for classifying them, namely the traditional or the alternative drug treatment and recovery facilities.  So what are the differences between the two? There are a number of significant differences but the primary ones are the following:

Alternative drug treatment centers are not designed and constructed like traditional facilities which still look like clinics or hospitals – they offer their clients a residential setting where these individuals live in an apartment or dorm-like environment.  Not only is this much more comforting and relaxing, it is far less intimidating setting than the traditional ones.

Traditional drug treatment centers still insist on using conventional treatment and recovery methods as well as telling you that these are your only hope of recovery – unfortunately, their failure rate is excessively higher than the methods and therapies that alternative addiction treatment and recovery centers use.

Alternative drug treatment centers focus on the specific needs of the addicted individual and focus on the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of addiction – most of the traditional facilities insist on treating addiction as a curable disease and only focus on the physical aspects of the individual’s addiction.  They either overlook or neglect that every individual as certain emotional and psychological needs as well, and many times these are the underlying cause of the person’s addiction.

Many addicted individuals today also have spiritual needs as well as the three discussed in the prior section.  As a result, there are a number of alternative drug treatment facilities today that offer Christian or faith-based addiction treatment and recovery programs as well as Holistic ones.  Additionally, now there are programs that help only women and ones that offer more private or even luxury rehab programs.  There are even programs geared to the needs of corporate executives.

Let our locator site help you find an alternative program that will help you

One of the benefits of using our locator site for finding an alternative drug treatment program is the fact that we have nationwide listings of the most successful programs in the US and can refer you to one that best facilitates your individual needs.  We know that the only way that you can successfully recover from your addictions is with a program that takes your situation and needs into consideration so that you can remain substance-free.

Our professional staff members are skilled at assisting clients from all walks of life, no matter what their specific needs are.  If we can answer any questions for you or provide you with information on the alternative drug treatment programs that we have listed, please contact us at the toll-free phone number listed at the top of this page.