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12 Step Drug Treatment

What is a 12-Step drug treatment program?

The 12-Step program was a treatment and recovery modality that was originally established to help alcoholics.  Since its inception in 1935, it has evolved into a broadly used series of guidelines or principles which outline a specific course of action that will enable a person to recover from their alcohol or drug addiction, their compulsiveness with and dependency on substances, as well as any other behavioral problems they may have.

Eventually, it was adapted by a number of drug addiction treatment centers as a therapy to assist in the recovery process.  Today, there are a number of these facilities that offer many variations of 12-Step drug treatment programs, all of which address a broad range alcohol or drug abuse and dependency issues.  Additionally, these 12-Step programs are typically categorized as “mutual” self-help therapies because they involve the assistance of a former or recovering addict for counseling and support purposes.

The characteristics and process of 12-Step programs

One of the key differences of the 12-Step drug treatment program compared to others is their approach to the human structure.  Three dimensions of the individual characterize and are symbolically represented in any 12-Step program – mental, physical, and spiritual.  It is based on the premise that addicted individuals suffer on all three levels and the consequences of substance addiction manifest themselves in all three of these dimensions.

Mental dimension – cognitive processes which lead the individual to repeat/relapse into their compulsive behavior after a brief abstinence.  They know, for the most part, that the end result will still be the inability to quit using the substance even though they continue to maintain their delusions that there will be a different result if they abstain.

Physical dimension – allergenic-like reactions by the body best describe the physical dimension because of the compulsion to continue using the substance after it is used the first time.

Spiritual dimension
– the primary illness which typically characterizes this dimension is self-centeredness.  All 12-Step drug treatment programs take this approach early on in the addiction treatment and recovery process.

Finding the right 12-Step drug treatment program

Even though it is historically the oldest addiction treatment and recovery modality in existence, 12-Step drug treatment programs are still widely employed by numerous facilities today.  Our locator service has been successfully referring clients into the most successful 12-Step drug treatment programs throughout the US for quite some time now.

Our caring and considerate professional staff members have years of combined experience when it comes to assessing the individual’s situation and finding the best programs to help them through the treatment and recovery process.  For further information about our list of highly successful 12-Step drug treatment programs, please contact us today at the toll-free phone number listed above.