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Over the last few decades, drug or alcohol addiction has been plaguing modern society. What usually starts out as recreational use often turns into full-blown addiction. No matter the substance, becoming addicted doesn’t happen overnight, yet by the time any dependency becomes noticeable, it is often too late for home remedies. Although employing the use of short-term rehab programs may work for some, the chances of relapsing increase exponentially. For these types of patients, a lot of time, money, and effort go by the wayside while the issue at hand still exists. In-depth studies and compiled research suggests that getting clean is more of a marathon than a sprint; beating any addiction once and for all requires patience, determination, and the will to succeed; however, doing this alone is not recommended. Many long term drug rehab facilities exist to help those who are serious about adopting healthier lifestyles. At Treatment4drugs, our referral service has the capability of assisting those who need help by putting them in touch with one or more suitable programs.

Understanding how drug addiction actually works on the whole may be crucial in terms of finding a resolution. There was a time when society either ignored the addiction phenomenon or treated it as a menace that afflicted lower class degenerates only. Today, addiction has become so widespread that in knows no social boundaries. The medical community especially has attributed more than one cause for dependency. Biology, or genetic transmission, can increase propensities for abuse, thus making some people more susceptible to addiction than others. Environmental factors can also play an integral role, such as peer pressure, stress overload, and family life. Development, which is a subdivision of environment, can have a tremendous impact on adolescents and teens alike. Exposure and availability can also increase the likelihood of early drug use that can lead to substance abuse.

Although the media has sensationalized various celebrities checking into short term rehab facilities, the entire process often ends up being counter-intuitive. The chances of experiencing a relapse become greater, even for those who aren’t in the spotlight. A whopping 80 percent of short term rehab patients stay sober for brief periods of time and eventually recoil to their comfort zones. Data obtained from long term drug rehab facilities of 90 days or longer have success rates of up to 70 percent. It only stands to reason that kicking the addiction is a process by which time and adequate structure can produce realistic desired outcomes.

Addiction has the capability of affecting most any age group, and a long term drug rehab program may provide the only remedy. Life can become so stressful that turning to drugs and/or alcohol seems like a great escape route, yet the stress and pain will still be there when the substance wears off. For men, women, teens, or adolescents who may be headed down this road, is here to offer a viable solution. There is light at the end of the tunnel for those who are willing to see it.